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New Facebook page for the Life Drawing Co-op and Reminder for Life Drawing Monday July 8

Life Drawing Co-op Monday, July 8

Let’s “draw together” and make our skills and our community of artists even stronger!

Monday, July 8, 6:30 – 8:30 pm
Tilsner Artists Lofts
300 Broadway Street
Saint Paul, MN 55101

Press #18 on the directory phone to be buzzed in the door. Come to studio 606. 

2 more new special newsy items… 

  • We have a new Facebook page for updates, news, we can post our sketches…. whatever we wish to do with it to make our communication and connections stronger!

  • This is week 6 of our first 6 week series.  Last week several of us met at the Black Dog for some very productive conversation (and of course frosty beverages).  We put together some ideas to make our group stronger. If you were not able to attend, know that your feedback is always welcome and encouraged.  We will take a 2 week break and then start another 6 week session but will have a number of options as far as length of commitment, drop in participants and other changes. We have some great models and they will be back for the next series. Look for more information coming by email, Facebook and Twitter.

As always, questions can also be addressed to or the contact form at this website

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