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Lotus is a Rock Star!

Bet you thought we fell off the face of the Earth. Well, we didn’t! We had a very rough winter though and lost Arfie’s battle with his heart and kidneys in February. Arfie and Lotus were doing great together. We have moved back to Fergus Falls to the ArtSpace building I lived in a few years ago. We are not moving again!!!


Anyway, Lotus is doing incredibly well. I have never in my 62 years had a relationship with a dog like the one we have (and you may recall I have had many throughout my life!) She goes almost everywhere with me. We were at a Celtic Festival and, as always, everyone makes a fuss over her but one lady was just obsessed with her! She asked about her coloring. That happens a lot as she is not the typical black and tan. I call it “Platinum Blonde and Sterling Silver” in jest, saying I don’t really know if there is a “name” for her coloring. This woman asked if she could have a picture taken with her! So I let her hold Lotus and took a pic with her camera. She’s a rock star – really!!! I always stress the importance of knowing the breed and especially the breeder. Also good training and nutrition but one must have a good solid dog to start with for best success. I’ve given your information and web site info to many people.

Lotus is super well behaved and she goes with me even into restaurants and the doctor’s office. She never barks or makes any kind of scene – she is a little angel!








A sweet and beautiful young lady!























This is her “biker chic” look – tucked into my leather jacket in her sling pouch (she loves that thing and dances when she sees it, knowing we are gonna go somewhere!)












Sweet little bundle! 































Her coat is so beautiful!














































She loves her “cave” when no lap can be found! She also takes her treats, treasures and toys there. And goes there if she feels insecure for some reason. Often while I’m getting ready to go somewhere and she doesn’t yet know if she’s coming along. She really does NOT like to stay home alone. But, it happens for only short times and only when necessary.













She loves watching the Minnesota Wild with me! She has a teeny little “MN Wild” official jersey like mine (can’t really see it here)














Regal and noble 🙂


















I’ve got an angel on my shoulder…her favorite place to snuggle 😉










Well, that’s our update. Would love to stop in sometime when I go to Saint Paul to visit friends! Will call you when that happens to see if you’re free. We haven’t visited the cities for so long but hoping to get out for a visit this summer when all the moving craziness is over. We are taking our time at this end of the move – no deadline!

Greet Lee/Barb for us (not sure who will open this!) and give tummy rubs to all the fuzzy kids and especially to Fiona!

Hugs and tail wags,
Lorene & Lotus

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