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Icelandic Adventure

No, I haven’t gone to Iceland recently. But I am working with Icelandic wool; learning about the sheep that provide these lovely fibers. I am planning a shawl.

I have mostly used Merino and blends with silk so this is a little different. It has “tog” (a coarser outer coat 27-30 micron count) and “thel” (the soft undercoat 19-22 micron count). The tog has a length of about 6-8 inches and the thel is 2-4 inches. 

I spun this 2 ply too loose. I should have put more twist into the fibers before I plied it and probably while plying too. Still will turn out nicely and I am still learning (will always be learning!) so not too hard on myself.

I did a sample on the Purl & Loop sampler and have decided to add more dark Icelandic for more contrast.

Purl & Loop sampler, Icelandic


Dark Icelandic wool to add contrast

Happily back to the wheel


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